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Community research project


Community research project investigates the textile industry, Mackies and Sons and local businesses.

Members of our local community groups have been exploring our links to the Indian community.  Mackies and Sons was a key businesses which trained workers in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) to run jute factories.  This was a major development for Mackies along with their world sales.  Many workers from India came to Belfast to see how Mackies worked and learn new skills.  Our community group memebers have plotted out Belfast's textile industry and the jute mills in Kolkata on maps, visited local textile sites to talk about their memories of Mackies, and written scripts for oral history interviews.

As well as this the group has been remembering all the local shops and businesses they used to visit which were owned by members of the Indian community.  These local shops provided much needed services to communities, including, selling clothes and food.  Employment was given to many members of the community.  A huge amount of people were employed in the shirt factories of Derry/Londonderry in their hayday.

The findings of this project will form a valuable part of our exhibition in year three.  Keep up the hard work!! 

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